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Reasons to Promote Your Business

Reasons to Promote Your Business Through Candy Wrappers

1.         To endorse your product.

2.         More flexible and versatile than usual television or newspaper advertisements.

3.         Bring joy and satisfaction to customers.

4.         Endorses your company repetitively without high advertising costs.

5.         Promotional gifts hit customer's subconscious by urging them to buy product.

6.         Increased loyalty.

7.         Makes customers comfortable with your business.

8.        Widely accepted by customers because they are free and useful (in this case yummy)!

9.         Bring about awareness of your business to others.

10.       Provide personal communication between your business and potential customers.

11.       Make your company known, raise sales, and improve company image.

12.       Generates name recognition.

13.       Creates customer or employee goodwill.

14.       The power of "free" is undeniable. giving something for nothing gets people??s attention.

15.       Promotional items proven to increase sales.