Unique Personalized Party Favors

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I add a photo or logo to my personalized item?

A: Yes, you can. A proof of the design that you must approve will be emailed after payment is received.�� Professional photos or copyrighted logos cannot be used unless Cindi�s Candy Creations receives written permission from the owner.

Q:�� What if you have received your order and notice a mistake.

A: Cindi�s Candy Creations stands behind its products. If the mistake is ours, we will replace the order immediately at no additional cost to you.However, if the mistake is on the proof that you approved, Cindi�s Candy Creations will redo the order for an additional fee.You will also be charged the cost of shipping the incorrect order back to us and corrected order back to you.

Q: Are wrappers and foils pre-cut?

A: Yes!�� We will include wrapping instructions if you purchase "wrappers only."

Q: What kind of foils comes with my order?

A: These precut sizes of foil sheets fit a 1.55oz. candy bar and has a 30# white paper backing to protect the candy bar corners from poking through therefore making the wrapping process easy and quick.Wrapping instructions come with every order.

Q: What are the Candy Wrappers printed on?

A: They are printed on a Glossy Premium Paper resulting in a beautiful semi-gloss finished product.

Q: Can we do the "HERE SHE IS" or "HERE HE IS" or "HERE THEY ARE" wrappers?�

A: Unfortunately no we can NOT.The "HERE SHE IS", "HERE HE IS", and "HERE THEY ARE" wrappers are trademarks licensed to Homestead, Inc., a subsidiary of Hershey Foods Corporation. We are unable to use any designs that resemble a Hershey's candy bar wrapper. HERSHEY'S� is a registered trademark of the Hershey Food Corporation.Cindi�s Candy Creations is not affiliated with Hershey Foods Corp, their divisions or subsidiaries.Further, Cindi�s Candy Creations is not responsible for allergy reactions or contaminants to any food product.Refer to original wrapper for ingredient information.

Q: I am looking for birthday wrappers but like the graphicsand/or colors on another design, can I use them for my occasion?

A: Almost all designs can be changed to fit your occasion. We recommend you browse through all the categories to see all that we have to offer.

Q: Can you remove your business information off the wrapper?

A: Due to the terms of use by my designers, Cindi�s Candy Creations CANNOT remove its business information from wrapper. We will place theinformation in a discreet location to ensure that it does not to take away from the design. Thank you for understanding.

Q: Does Cindi�s Candy Creations have any peanut free items?

A: Yes! Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bars.

***Please Note: Colors of wrappers and images may vary based on monitor settings/picture settings. For exact color, please request a sample before ordering at cindi@cindiscandycreations.com