Unique Personalized Party Favors

Wrapping Instructions

Follow these 3 easy steps for wrapping foil on the new style Hershey�s bars.

1st Step - Fold the ends of the plastic candy bar wrapper over and tape them down (tape may not be necessary, personally I do not tape them).�

2nd Step - Put the paper around the bar.�

3rd Step - Fold the short ends over, like a present.Crease the edges and fold them onto the bar .Lastly, fold the larger ends over the candy bar.�

4th Step - Line wrapper up on candy bar.Fold one side.Glue remaining side.Pull firmly and glue to other end of wrapper.��

These instructions are included with every order.If you need help, contact cindi@cindiscandycreations.com or call (386) 631-1876.